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About Us


To grow market vegetable using organic, sustanable farming practices to give people safe and healthy food choices as well as

creating hub fro safe food supply and food security for the nation.

To create a strong network of organic community that will work hand in hand to pursue economic growth.

To create awareness in the community regarding unexpected calamities such as climate change, natural disasters, diseases and

wars so that preparation as well as prevention of possible casualities will be taken care of.

Who are we?
Christian Organic Network in Thailand
Experiences for shop and restaurant business for 7 years
Food Securiry Network
Fair trade sustainable comminity
International agricultural network

Do we provide authenthic organic supply?
We select a qulified community.
We select farmers with good morale charater and effective farming skills.
We do the fair-trade based contract.
We have sunday services that focuses on honesty and integrity.
Professional farmer development program.
Smart farming technology.
Regular Audit program, International audit team, USDA inspection.

Strength of company

1. Our company does organic farming which makes our produce 100% non-chemical and preticide free and we ensure that we are doing it according to global standards.
2. Our products are cultivated in a natural environment, free from pollution and other contaminants and our water supply comes from a clean river that naturally flow from the top of moutain.
3. We maintain USDA GMP standard or Good Manufacturing Practice which is system for ensuring that product are consistenty produced and controlled according to quality standards.
4. We apply smart farming technology ensures quality control, morning and consistency when it comes to our products.
5. Our company practices fair trade, that actually take care of the qualityies of life, hill tribe living and workers, thus growing together as a community.

Customer satisfaction

1. How we grow our products
We take pride as to how we produce our organic products for it this grown in 100% natural environment and we made sure that it 100% safe from chemical and hazardous as well.
2. Quantity
Our company assures an ample supply of products. Our farm is constantly monitored to be able to responsible cater the demands as well as the variety of needs of our client.
3. Quality
Quality is defenitely a major part in our list . We made sure that there is a quality control and monitoring so that there will be consistency and satisfaction, not only to our part but most importantly to our client.
4. Punctuality
A major part of the whole process isdelivery time. Logistic is taken seriously by our company and we are sensitive when it comes to the needs and demand of our client. We want to make sure that we deliver on time.


1. Organic traning to farmers
We made sure that our farmers ondergo tranings that are specificially to organic farming so that we their skills are enhanced and greater understanding when it comes to farming is acheived.

2. Growing our vegetables
Growing our vegetables involves the standard way of planting, and through proper supervision and monitoring we constanly ensures that no chemicals and pesticides are used.

3. Inspection
Our farm has been inspected by certified body which is USDA. We also conduct our own inspection for possible contamination of chemicals on our products and we send our product sample for laboratory testing.

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